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There is no place quite like Rome. The eternal city is alive with history, from the ancient through to the Renaissance and up to the present day.

Ideally situated just moments away from the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica and only a short walk to the famous Piazza di Spagna, join us and our partner, Travelspective, with ‘From Here To There’, your first step to unlocking Rome.

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From its inspiring baroque architecture, fashionable bars and shopping districts, delightful gastronomic experiences and walking distance to the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican, discover our local area of Prati.

Together with Travelspective, join our General Manager, Giacomo Guzzardi, and as he takes you on a journey through Prati.

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Together with our partner Travelspective, we have unlocked and discovered Rome through its art, culture, cuisine and coordinates through the creation of an exciting, engaging and thrilling visual journey through this incredible ancient centre.

Rediscover Rome Reimagined

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Follow our brand navigator, @luigisutera12, to unlock Rome and its endless wonders and marvels with a new perpsective.

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We are always seeking new perspectives and together with Claudia Sirchia, our Explore Italy Navigator, we unlock Italy’s eternal capital in a unique way.

Be inspired by Claudia when in Rome and begin a journey to rediscover the Eternal City and its many charms, rich history and incredible sites, beginning with an unforgettable On The Bed Breakfast experience.


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on the bed destination

Monumental in scale, lavishly decorated and embellished with countless artworks, the Vatican is an awe-inspiring experience of Rome’s ancient past and its present day significance. Discover the Vatican that is just a moment’s walk from Le Méridien Viscont

Built in 1723 by Francesco de Sanctis, the Spanish Steps’ unique design and elegance have inspired poets, painters and artists ever since. For a long time, it has been a popular meeting point for locals and one of the main attractions for travellers.

Built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, Castel Sant’Angelo is also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian that once housed his ashes following his passing in 138 AD. Later used as a fortress, prison and castle, today it is a musuem and one of the most captivating

Just on the borders of the Vatican and literally at the doorstep of Le Méridien Visconti Rome, embark on a journey of high-end shopping in the fashionable district that is Prati. With notably less tourists, the fasincating architecture and endless dining

Officially called the Amphiteatrum Flavium, the Colosseum is one Rome’s most iconic and unmissable classical ruins. Once used to host gladiatorial spectaculars for the peoples of ancient Rome, uncover the intriguing history of this famous monument.

Literally walk through ancient Rome on Palatine hill, the birth place of Rome. Discover the streets, temples and passageways used by ancient Romans and uncover the Roman Forum, the place where emperors, political movers and shakers once ruled all the know